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Summer Doubles Rules

2020 Summer Doubles Tournament Rules

1 The Summer Doubles Tournament will be a USBC Certified Tournament. It will be a handicap tournament open to men and women and can be bowled anytime lanes are available.
2 All bowlers must be a member of the USBC and provide evidence of membership at registration. Bowlers who are not members may purchase a USBC card at the tournament.
3 The tournament shall be a handicap tournament and will consist of three games bowled on the same pair of bowling lanes.
4 This tournament will begin on June 1 and will continue until September 30.
5 Teams can be mixed, two men, or two women
6 Handicap for the tournament shall be 80% of 220 for all bowlers.
7 Entry Fee is $20.00 Per Bowler ($40.00 per team) paid in cash when the bowler checks in.

8 Payout Ratio is 1:6
9 Bowl as many times as you want, but you can only cash once with the same partner. If you cash twice with the same partner, only the highest cash will be paid.
10 100% of the prize fund will be paid out
11 Any bowler entering this tournament must have an established USBC Average or they will be entered at a 220 average. Entering averages for the tournament shall be as follows:

>> Highest 2018-2019 or 2019-20 USBC Average
>> If none a, the bowler will use 220
>> Averages from Sports Condition or PBA Experience Leagues will only be used if a Standard USBC average is not available.

12 The 10-pin drop rule will not be used.
13 Bowlers must submit information from all leagues not yet updated to the USBC's website ( at the time of registration. Incomplete entries will not be processed.
14 The tournament management reserves the right to re-rate any bowler’s entering average. USBC Rule 319c shall be applied. This shall be done prior to bowling, and re-rated bowlers who choose not to bowl in the tournament shall be eligible for a full refund.
15 Prize monies shall be awarded within 30 days of the completion of the tournament by mailed check.
16 Bowlers shall be allowed 10 minutes of practice on their initial pair of assigned lanes.
17 The tournament management shall be the final authority in the event of all disputes.

18 In addition to the regular tournament, there shall be these side events:

>> Scratch Singles - $5.00 per person
>> Scratch Team - $10.00 per team

19 Prize fund breakdown is as follows:

>> Entry Fee: 40.00 per team
>> Lineage: $18.00 per team ($3.00 per game per bowler)
>> Tournament Misc Expense per team $2.00
>> Money Prize Fund Per Team: $20.00
>> No fees are assessed for side events. 100% of the money will go into that events prize fund.
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