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Individual bowling lessons are the ONLY way for a bowler to upgrade their game. First and foremost, each and every person we work with is a unique individual and the technique that applies to them will be different from all others.

The first order of business it to verify that the student has the proper grip. A proper fit plays a MAJOR role in a bowlers ability to repeat shots. Without a grip that is fit to the bowlers hand, it is highly unlikely the bowler can and will repeat shots.

If the fit is deemed acceptable, the next step would be an online analysis of the bowler game and a review of that bowlers expectations and what level they are seeking.

We will then tailor our training sessions designed around the individuals expectations.

Higher level players will be introduced to more advanced techniques while lower average (or beginning bowlers) will be introduced to the fundamentals of bowling, with a focus of implementation of the mechanics that best suit a bowlers capabilities.

We understand that not all bowlers have the same physical abilities and each bowler's game must match up to capabilities.

It is our job to find out what techniques match a bowlers capabilities. And we do it very well.

Here are some feedback from some of our current and past students.
Bowler's Training Center

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