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Roger Koplin Jr

Call or use feedback form to contact Roger if you are a 190 + bowler looking to upgrade their game to become a completive bowler. Roger if a past PBA touring pro with years of experience teaching professional bowlers how to become competitive bowlers.

You will learn how to read lane, how to control your arc point, ball reactions and numinous other bowling techniques need to become an elite bowler.

Phone: (916) 267-8564
John Eberhard

John excels at teaching bowling with no experience up to 180 bowlers the fundamentals of bowling. By teaching bowlers the fundamentals of bowling, they are able to reach their potential much faster.

Most beginning bowlers he works with who average around 100 or lower are able to average up 150 in just few months time. 160 average bowlers begin to see the potential to average 190 or better.

Phone: (775) 762-6018

Buying A Ball
Plus Custome Drilling

Players Pro Shop requires a special session for ALL new clients if they are buying a new ball or bring a ball brought online that needs drilling. The reason is simple:

We Do Not Guess!

Everybody who comes in as a new customer is taken down to the bowling lanes and asked to throw up to one game so we can analyze their: 1] Ball Track 2] Axis Migration [3 Axis Location 4] Ball Speed 5] Ball Revolution 6} Skill Level.

A ball driller NEEDS to know these things before they can properly drill the modern bowling ball. There are a few exceptions. If the bowling is drilling a plastic ball it probably will not matter, but any other time if IS MANDATORY.

We tell are customers, if they go to a pro shop, and that shot DOES NOT DO the above, RUN OUT as fast as you can because hie just interested in taking your money and/or doe not care or understand the importance of analyzing y9our game.

Even MORE IMPORTANT than the above if getting a proper ball fit. We, at Players Pro Shop and absolute MASTERS analyzing a bowlers hand and creating the proper fit the bowlers needs to throw the ball without injury the hand.

Call Roger Koplin or John Eberhard to schedule a fitting and drilling session, or complete the feedback form below:

Roger Koplin Jr: (916) 267-8564

John Eberhard (775) 762-6018

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