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Renee C. - Austin TX 11/26/2016 (Source)

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I am 67 1/2 years old. I am returning to bowling after being out of the sport for close to thirty years...and after having major back surgery in 2009 for a blown disk. The surgery fixed my back really well, but with my age and all I'm understandably not nearly as flexible as I once was. This, and my deeply ingrained "old school" approach to bowling, had me seriously wondering if I was out of my mind to think that I could get back out on the lanes again with any hope of success. Roger cured me of that. Full Comment

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Scott B. - San Francisco, CA 2/3/2019 (Source)

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I have been bowling for many years. I was thinking that I was doing good. Then I met Roger and John at the ProShop. These two men are fantastic. They took both my wife and I and taught us both how to correctly throw the ball and, what ball each of us need to be playing the game with. They measured our hands and drilled the ball the way it needed to be drilled. Then they both took us out to the alley and made sure that they fit us and, made sure we knew how to throw these new balls. Great personality, attitudes and, knowledge of their equipment and how it should be used. If my wife or I ever have a need for anything else, we will go to them before anyone else!

Mike M. - Grass Valley, CA 8/25/2017 (Source)

Stop me if you've heard this before - "I found this guy on the internet..."
But it's true, I had not heard of Roger before I decided to spend a good part of my day with him to see what he could do for me. The driving time (2 hours one way), coaching time, and equipment changes were well worth the investment.

I arrived shortly after 10 am and before I knew it, the time was 1:30 pm. I could not believe that we had been working for over 3 hours! He was patient, took his time with me, explained the reasons for the changes he was asking me to make, and made me feel confident that his expertise would result in improving my game.

In addition to the coaching, we made a change to the pitch of the thumbhole on both of my bowling balls.

That evening, I bowled a local no-tap summer league in which I have a 184 average. I decided to use both balls that I had in my equipment bag (a used Storm Nano Gravity and a new Hammer Dark Legend), but to alternate them for each game just to see how it would go.

My first game was a 232 (no-tap using the Hammer), my second game was 244 (no-tap using the Storm), my third game was 258 (no-tap using the Hammer) for a total of 734!

At one point I had a string of 7 strikes in a row. I have never rolled three 200+ plus games in a row (no-tap or not), nor have I ever rolled a 700+ series (no-tap or not). After the league games ended, I bowled a couple of more games, a 182 (using the Storm) and a 235 (using the Hammer).

These results are a marked improvment and are a direct result of his coaching and equipment changes.

The fact that I was able to increase my scores with either ball is a testament that we are on the right track with the changes that were implemented.

I am looking forward to continued improvement with what I learned in just one session with Roger and will definitely be back!

Mallorie G. - Dayton, NV 9 3/11/2019 (Source)

f you want the best, this is the pro shop for you. My husband and I both needed a new ball. We received the most personalized service we could have ever imagined. Roger and John are great to work with. We bowled a couple games the hour before our appointment. Roger has the most intricate system I have seen for measuring and getting your ball perfectly drilled for your style of bowling. We had previously been in the shop and talked to John a couple weeks before, so we knew when we were ready to purchase our new equipment it would be with them. John started our appointment by coming out to the lane, observing us and marking the balls.
He and Roger collaborated on a couple of choices of balls that would suit each of us. After we made our selection, Roger went to work studying the anatomy of our bowling hand to get the pitch, span and grip just right. it was fascinating to watch the science he has developed for this process. After seeing the markings on our old ball, he had all the information he needed and drilled right there on site. Then they watched us bowl with our new balls while John worked with us on technique. And then MAGIC. What a difference between our our previous two games and then. The combined years of experience these two men have bowling and teaching and drilling can't be beat. Thanks guys.

Robert L. - San Jose, CA - 2/24/2016 (Source)

In addition to purchasing equipment from Roger, I've also been taking lessons from him for the past 2  1/2 months, and I couldn't be happier. My first dealings with Roger was when I bought a new ball from him a few years ago.  As others have said, he watched me bowl to check my style and skill level.

 We then talked about what I was looking for in a new ball, and he also gave me his own recommendations about what ball characteristics he thought would benefit my game the most.  

The fitting and drilling was fantastic.  In fact, it fit so well it made me realize another ball I had was drilled wrong (not done by Roger).  The thumb pitch was off.  After plugging and re-drilling the thumb I'm now rolling that ball much better. The ultimate proof is on the score sheet.  I've carried a 185-190 average in leagues for about 10 years.  2  1/2 months ago I started taking lessons with Roger.

 Over the past 10 weeks I've averaged 205 in league and increased my average to 196 (and this is late in the league when it's much, much harder to move your average), I placed 2nd in my division in a tournament recently, and I bowled my first 300 game EVER!
Thanks Roger!

Herb L. - Sparks NV - 9/29/2017 (Source).

If you are looking for anything to do with the sport of Bowling, this is the place and Roger is the go to person.

He and John have decades of experience both as accomplished bowlers and technical experts of the sport.

My wife and I ...both mature adults...children off doing their own thing...decided to take up bowling as a winter sport since it is indoors.

We are both accomplished athletes yet we have not bowled since the early 80's (that is a long time ago) and we only bowled about five games a year back then...think NOVICE...

Roger was interested in our comfort.
He would not sell us a ball until he had partner and coach John evaluate our technique... so off we went to the lane.

Within minutes...John had seen all he needed to observe and we went back inside the shop for a proper ball fitting.

The process was easy on us as customers and we learned a great deal about the complexity of being fitted correctly.

New balls and coach in hand...we go back to the lane...John was excellent...taught us both the fundamental things we needed to know to progress and have fun.  

f you want to learn how to bowl...improve your game...or fine tune your matter your level...these guys are the ones to help you do it.

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